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As the most trusted heavy lifting service in Colorado, Wisdom Crane LLC provides customers with crane services to lift any size load. Items that we can lift include trees, buildings, air conditioning units, and construction equipment.


Cranes help keep tree removal safe and allow you to reach taller trees in normally inaccessible areas. If you need to remove a large and dangerous tree, ladders and a bucket truck just won’t get the job done like our cranes can. Our family-owned and operated company is experienced with a variety of tree removal projects.


Small buildings and sheds can be moved with our rental cranes. Moving a building structure may seem like an impossible task, but our 70 and 90-ton crane can help you achieve this! Whether you are aiming to relocate a structure, building construction, or need assistance with building destruction, our team takes safety incredibly seriously and will ensure that the process follows regulations and safety standards from start to finish.


HVAC moving and installation can be tricky if you aren’t using the right equipment. Cranes ensure that you will be able to install your unit even when they need to be installed on multi-story buildings and have a difficult placement. In addition to HVAC units, our cranes can also move other household items.


If you have a large construction job that requires moving heavy and large equipment and materials, you can be confident that Wisdom Crane can meet these needs. Whether you need to move logs, beams, equipment, or concrete supplies, we are well equipped to make it happen!
This is just the beginning of all of the items that Wisdom Crane can lift, visit our services page to learn more. No job is too big for Wisdom Crane! Contact us today for a quote.